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Work | Maneas

You might call it Corporate Strategy.
We call it Data-Driven Innovation.


Entrepreneurs and business leaders call us

when they have a tricky problem to solve or an opportunity to chase,
and want to move forward with confidence.

 Our clients know they are acting on gut instinct but can sense they are taking risks which can be avoided. They are anxious about the future. They want deeper understanding of their environment.

Our clients have instinct, but need evidence. They have a set of ideas to develop but aren’t sure which one makes the most sense. Time is of the essence.  New competitive advantage is within reach.

Conquer complexity

 Past Clients

Some things stay consistent

Our clients are people

We work with people, not companies.  The people have one thing in common: the desire to grow, to innovate, to leave an impact in the market and the world around us.

They’re change makers

Our clients have the position and the passion to drive positive change. We work with entrepreneurs, business unit leaders, and c-suite executives who seek competitive advantage in new and innovative ways.

Maneas brings diverse expertise

We can harness lessons from software, biotech, natural resources and renewable energy; from startups, emerging companies and multibillion dollar corporations.

 When a project ends, Maneas leaves a legacy

 First and foremost, you will have answersA path forward and clarity in the face of change.

Secondly, we will leave a legacy. We make ourselves redundant and leave everything behind.
Our goal is that you’ll never need to call us again. Until the next time you need a trusted team.



The confidence to chase new opportunities, based on hard data and sound evidence



A Plan

A path forward, a growth plan, a solution to the obstacle that’s in the way of growth.




Fresh understanding of the environment and the implications of future scenarios.




Buy-in from your stakeholders and alignment of your team.




Tools that measure, simulate and forecast the future of your company.




Metrics that define and predict your progress and success.




Data infrastructure that allows you to monitor your environment in real time.




New assets and capabilities so your team can operate at a new level.


Case Stories

Our Capabilities


Strategic Thinking

Hypothesis mapping

Strategic frameworks

Field research


Data Science

Data validation & cleaning

Data collection & storage

Data visualization

Causation/Correlation analysis

Data Systems

Big Data Strategy

Sensor installation

Dashboards & BI systems



Deterministic Modeling

Financial modeling

Cash flow forecasting

Asset simulation

Metrics design

Strategy Simulation

Scenario analysis


Risk modeling

Monte Carlo simulation

Advanced Simulation

Predictive Analytics

Systems modeling

Real options valuation

Agent based simulations


Idea Generation

Strategic workshops

Idea generation

Future options definition


Strategic Options

Scenario planning

Business model generation

Acquisition strategy 




Cultural alignment

Competitive positioning



Let’s talk about how we can help you