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People | Maneas

You only fly as high as the flock you’re with.

We’re a dedicated team of specialists – strategists, mathematicians, data scientists, software developers, design thinkers and innovators.

Meet our Flock

  • Kosta Stavreas


    Kosta is a strategist with a background in Economics and Law from the Australian National University.  He’s earned his stripes in the boardrooms of multi-billion companies and coffee shops around high-growth entrepreneurial companies.  If you asked him what his super power is, he’d tell you he can measure anything.  When he’s not at work, you might find a photo of him on an adventure, seeking the extremes of height, depth, speed and remoteness.

  • Lindsay Wilson


    Lindsay is an econometrist with a background in Economics from University College of London. He is an avid consumer of information and an incredibly curious mind. He is known for his ability to find the blind spots and fill them with new data. He seeks out deep understanding so the team can get closer to the truth. He was also a professional football player in Europe. When he’s not at work, you can find him on an oval preparing his two-year old son for the Premier League.

  • Felix Lipov


    Felix is software developer with a Masters of Computer Science and an MBA from NYU. He speaks 15 technology languages and uses data-driven technologies and his commercial insight to solve business issues. He’s worked in financial services to build algorithmic trading systems based on natural language and systems to manage thousands of users and billions of dollars under management. When he’s not writing amazing code, he’s taking award winning photography in exotic places around the world.

  • Guy Fathi


    Guy has a degree in computational biology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has built software applications that visualize data, and mobile apps to build communities. He is a wizard at building intuitive front-ends and interfaces for complex applications. His talents come to the fore when the challenge is to communicate more with less and make processes natural and intuitive. He can hold a conversation about Picasso and differential equations in the same breath and has great stories about breeding monkeys in Bolivia.

Your business is unique

So why settle for conventional thinking?

Our flock is our network. It delivers a broad range of capabilities, skill-sets and experience. Specialties run the gamut. You can be sure, we will put crack expertise on the table.

Why? We custom-build a team to address your specific needs. No two companies or challenges are the same, we make sure the right brains are on exactly the right problem.

We’re just as much fun as we look

Amaze Each Other

We have respect for the deep talent around us. Our colleagues challenge us to be our best, and we are rewarded by amazing each other every day. That’s how we achieve true excellence.

Magnificent Clarity

Simplicity lies on both sides of complexity. We seek crisp observations that are powerfully illuminating. We know our work is not complete until the answer becomes magnificently simple.

Listen Deeply 

Often true transformations can be discovered in the quietest signals from the future. The secret is to listen deeply, to truly hear, to pick up the clues to profound solutions.

Strategically Visionary 

Our passion for the future is contagious. We know the game is won 7 steps ahead. We attempt to understand as many versions of the future as our imagination affords us and explore visionary ideas because they represent an exciting tomorrow.


Truly Collaborative 

We know that it takes a team to win. None of us can win alone. We look for the best in one another. We are builders. We enhance and contribute. We foster ideas from their smallest seedlings. We are rigorously committed to the pursuit of excellence, not alone, but as a team.

Curious Agility 

We seek an enlightened understanding of our environment. When we’re wrong we love to explore a better path.  We love that speed and flexibility are measures of our precision and acuity.


We relentlessly search for transformational change. Our thinking is unconstrained and optimistic as we search for new solutions. Everything can be improved. Incremental wins take us closer to structural breakthroughs.

Unapologetically Truthful

We seek the truth, always. We’ll tell it even if it’s painful. We candidly acknowledge when the risks and assumptions when hard evidence doesn’t exist and relentlessly search for the power of truthful answers.

  • “This team brings a fresh, innovative approach. We’ve seen some pretty deep and amazing thinking"

  • "Once you start working with these guys, you’ll find them indispensable"

    Chairman/CEO, Diversified Renewable Energy Group
  • “Maneas is an enthusiastic partner to our organization. They have helped us build our own capability”

  • "With evidence, innovative ideas have a better chance to succeed."

  • “We didn’t have a firm view on which option to take – we now have some pretty compelling evidence. The next steps became very clear”

Want to fly with the flock?

At Maneas, we share a commitment to hard work and a dedication to excellence. We know that open-minded exploration married with fruitful collaboration yield extraordinary results.

If you are an A team player, wanting to find a home in an A team culture, connect with us. We’d love to hear from you.

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