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Mission | Maneas

An innovative business is a powerful vehicle for change

All around us are products, services and technologies that shape our lives. Most importantly, good business is good for the world. Most companies make products and services, great companies shape our progress through history.

Shaping strategies for maximum impact

We are driven by our Mission to shape strategies that have impact – so that our clients can transform, thrive, and lead. When our clients have impact – we do too. We know that ideas can be measured. We believe in the uncommon union between imagination and rigor. Evidence links today’s ideas to tomorrow’s edge. That’s evidence-based confidence.

Our Vision is of a world where innovative companies compete and thrive by developing strategies that create positive impact change – not only for the benefit of their shareholders, but also for the customers whose lives they improve, the employees they develop, the environments they occupy, and the communities they foster.

data-driven world

When pursuing new opportunities, choosing the best way forward is never easy. The pace of change around us is rendering traditional techniques, technologies and experience obsolete.  Just when we think we understand what is happening around us, things change – economic trends shift, customer behavior alters, and new competitors emerge.

We are surrounded by uncertainty in a rapidly moving environment. Instinct and experience are no longer enough to give us direction in today’s high-speed environment. Decision-makers must make wise choices, with as much tangible evidence as they can get. So how do we navigate? How can we move forward with confidence?

Data delivers a true picture of what is.  With the right tools and methodologies, we can understand what could be. Data explains the past, Simulation experiments with the future. Together with the vision, courage, teamwork and the innovative thinking of a great company, they can shape new Opportunity.

Evidence links today’s ideas with tomorrow’s edge

We are experts at exploring the past to shape the future. We have cut our teeth in some of the most complex, high-risk industries on earth. Companies apply our methods to capture multi-billion dollar opportunities and avoid hundred-million dollar mistakes. Natural instinct is enhanced by hard evidence – letting us think big, experiment and step boldly towards exciting opportunities.

How does it work? We have developed an approach to solving complex problems. We work with our clients to understand and map the driving forces of their companies, shape up their best ideas, explore existing knowledge of the past, and simulate the future. We assess opportunities and prove a path forward with unbiased evidence.

The result? Clarity. Confidence. A bedrock of evidence upon which to take the necessary risks to guide a company towards long-term success. There is no way to predict the future but we can influence it. And for the next generation of extraordinary business leaders, a touch of genius means we can add value beyond the bottom line.

Confidence is the Force that Invents the Future


How do we know? We are Maneas. This is what we do.