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Method | Maneas

Combining Data Science, Quantitative Modeling and Strategy techniques, Maneas shapes opportunities for growth.

Proving ideas with numbers



Transforming data into wisdom

Data reveals the truth in our past and helps us to explain our environment. Maneas collects your data, explore it, crunch it, analyze it, visualize it, and fill in gaps. We look for powerful connections, and convert your data from raw facts to wisdom we can act on.



Exploring scenarios

Simulation is a powerful way to explore ideas and decisions– but only if they are accurate and meaningful. Our simulations are powerful. They’re designed to reflect the intricate driving forces in your company and your industry, at exactly the right level of complexity.



Illuminating the future

We believe in the uncommon union of imagination and rigor. We specialize in proving ideas with numbers. We take intangible ideas and convert them into hard evidence. You’ll gain a competitive edge that is visionary – and strategic.

No client engagement is ever the same


We have developed a way of working that focuses on results.  We build a client project as a sequence of discrete steps. We call them Sprints. At the beginning of every Sprint, we define a tangible deliverable, then sprint towards it. Before we start we know our goal. Together, we can stay focused, master the complexity, and achieve tangible results every step of the way.

Define the right question to be answered. Exploration into existing data to better understand the status quo Installation of sensor technology to collect mission critical data 
Problem definition, Initial Hypothesis Understanding of patterns, correlation, causation. Automated sensor system to capture data.
Hypothesis Thinking Data Science Technology Installation
Add research to inform other phases.  A free flowing opportunity to explore ideas and possible futures. Turn ideas into numbers and project them into the future.
New info to complement established knowledge  Definition of future options and scenarios. Simulations of possible futures.
Research & Analysis Facilitation, Ideation Model building
Formal clarification of a direction to take.  Communication of key findings beyond the strategic team. Alignment of critical resources towards a goal.
Growth plan and business case. Stakeholder engagement. Position for execution.
Strategic thinking Communication Change management

Maneas uses a wide range of tools and methodologies




Third Party

Let’s talk about what we can do to help you