Social/Local Entrepreneurship

Date: May 9, 2013 Category:

A global resources company wanted to make a positive impact on the community where they operated. Was there a way their presence in the community could contribute to the livelihoods of the locals?

 We began with an enormous amount of research. Using hypothesis thinking and mapping, we analyzed the environment, the local culture, the supply chain and the cultural alignment strategy. We found out that by investing in a renewable energy project that replaced diesel electricity with locally sourced wood, the company could make money and make a difference. The project decreased CO2 emissions by 1.5m tons, increased the local economy by 30% and created 4000 jobs. And, because of the the money the project would save for the company, the cost of the project could be repaid in less than three years—an almost unheard of timespan for energy projects.

OUTCOME: Using deep analytics we proved that a true triple bottom line project was possible: with social, commercial and environmental benefits.